Exit Clov
Текст песни Nikita

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Текст песни Exit Clov - Nikita

I am nikita up in space
Beautiful to know this place
One look, behold now the universe

We for tomorrow the kingdom build
The stars beneath me but it's so still
Lost in space here without you

But still i go...
Kruschev sent me buti don't resent him
I think i'll stay...

Rolling skies over river shores
La soledad es mi amor
They'll speak of a legend forevermore

But before tomorrow, will i see you smile upon me?
In the canyons of our minds were we wrong?

Kruschev sent me but i don't resent him
We're building the science of a new tomorrow
There's no looking backward 100 meters
But what if i said nil?
But aren't we all together now?
I'm on my own
But i'm still hungry...

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