State Radio
Текст песни Sybil Ii (hidden Track)

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Текст песни State Radio - Sybil Ii (hidden Track)

I'll go to pieces if you left me a niece
You can't crucify higher than hell
Well ashes to ashes and making the passes
The potent side of the curb
But I came here covered in soot
From the canopy that breaks on the core made of wood
And as you beholden to me, well I fall
When you wait on the morrow and your legs stay in the burrow

She belies the tallest set of deaths
I can't let you mean it and say you don't need it
'Cause we get lost in the city well
It's not just how you fight when the windows are bright
It's just me all cold soaked in love
It's a lesson incurred that's barely heard
The devil will never mess this vein

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